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YWCA Enid is currently seeking an Executive Director. This position is responsible for all aspects of the organization’s operations, management of its facilities, and implementation of all programs, policies and procedures. The Executive Director shall possess expertise in fundraising, public relations, financial management, strategic planning, interpersonal communication, and program development. 


Ideal candidates will:

  • Possess a bachelor’s or advanced degree (preferred);

  • Have administrative and supervisory experience required;

  • Understand and promote the mission of the YWCA;

  • Be knowledgeable of the nonprofit sector and its financial guidelines and other procedures;

  • Have computer knowledge and competency to carry out daily responsibilities;

  • Have experience and knowledge in fundraising, including grant writing;

  • Have experience working with boards of directors and other volunteer personnel;

  • Have knowledge of, and experience working with, other community organizations, governmental agencies, and legislative initiatives;

  • Possess excellent oral and written communications skills;

  • Understand and remain abreast of current research related to racism and the needs of women and girls and use that knowledge to foster positive change;

  • Practice diplomacy and be capable of dealing with controversy in a tactful manner;

  • Relate positively to people of all ages, races, and socioeconomic backgrounds; and

  • Have no criminal history.


Position Duties & Requirements:

Financial Management

  1. Responsible, with the Board of Directors, for development of the annual budget.
  2. Responsible for implementation of the annual budget and for presenting a monthly budget report to the Board of Directors.
  3. Oversees capital campaigns, program fundraising, and grant proposals.
  4. Responsible, with the Board of Directors, for the development of a comprehensive and diverse financial resource plan in support of the long-range business and program plans.
  5. Responsible for the interpretation of the annual audit to the Board of Directors and other interested parties.
  6. Responsible for reporting to the Board of Directors and/or its committees on all financial issues.


Human Resources and Operations Management

  1. Employs, supervises, evaluates, and terminates management staff.
  2. Responsible for overall leadership of staff and the implementation, by staff, of short- and long-term goals, work plans, job descriptions, and other management tools.
  3. Works with Personnel Committee and Board of Directors to establish Personnel Policies.
  4. Responsible for implementing Personnel Policies and maintaining compliance with all state and federal employment laws.
  5. Oversees building, property, and equipment management, safety, and security.



  1. Plans and implements, with the Membership Committee, an ongoing membership recruitment that identifies and ensures an involved, growing and diverse membership.
  2. With the Nominating Committee, develops a strong and diverse Board of Directors and officers for the Association.
  3. Recruits members for work on various committees and assures staff support for all committees.
  4. Works with Board of Directors and officers to develop, schedule and maintain relevant, effective, and efficient meetings of the Board and committees.



  1. Works with the Board of Directors and staff to establish a long-range plan, including short- and long-term goals and objectives.
  2. Develops an annual work plan to implement goals and objectives.
  3. Meets mid-year with the President of the Board and other key volunteers to report on the progress and status of the work plan.
  4. Develops, with a Program Committee, an array of programs appropriate to the community and to the achievement of the Association’s mission.


Public Relations and Marketing

  1. Establishes and maintains a positive and visible image to the media and the community.
  2. Represents the Association in appropriate business and community groups.
  3. Maintains positive working and collaborative relationships with other social service organizations.
  4. Serves as a resource on racial justice and the special needs of women and girls.


Position Reports to: Board of Directors


Hours and Salary: 40+ hours per week. Salary Negotiable.


To apply for this job: Mail cover letter, resume, and list of three (3) professional references to: Jessica Caruthers, President, YWCA Board of Directors, 201 North Grand, Suite 301, Enid, OK 73701, or email to jcaruthers@enidoklawyers.com. No drop-ins, please.


Application Deadline: 3/8/19



Updated 2/12/19