What is a SANE and what do they do? SANE stands for sexual assault nurse examiner. A SANE provides a physical exam and or evidence collection after a sexual assault has occurred.

How much does it cost? Nothing.

What happens during a sexual assault medical forensic exam? Once consent is obtained from the patient, a medical history is taken by the SANE nurse to determine injuries and appropriate medical treatment for the patient. The next step is a head­to-toe examination, including the genital area, in order for the SANE to document trauma to any part of the body. Then, a collection of forensic evidence is done, and a sexual assault evidence collection kit is used. Last, we evaluate whether STD prevention or emergency contraception medication is needed and we provide that free of charge.

Do I have to make a police report? No. In the state of Oklahoma, it is not required to file a police report if you are older than 18 years old. Who will be there? We have a SARA (Sexual assault response advocate ) available for support and to answer questions about our services.

How does a SANE program benefit a sexual assault survivor? It is vital to a victim's recovery to be treated properly while the evidence is collected. It is also vital to the survivor's recovery and the prosecution of the offender that forensic evidence be properly collected.

It has been noted that survivors heal faster when treated properly by someone who is trained to be a sexual assault examiner. In addition, victims are more likely to follow through with the prosecution of criminal cases when they have received compassionate treatment from the same caregivers throughout the exam.

How does a SANE Program benefit a community? With accurate evidence collection and more prosecutions, more sexual assault felons will be incarcerated rather than offending more victims, thus making for a healthier community. The message that a survivor receives when a SANE program is developed is: Sexual assault is a problem for the entire community, not just victims and local sexual assault programs.

Are you a Registered Nurse? Are you retired or work part-time? The Enid community is in need of nurses to complete training to become a Sexual Assault Nurse Examiner (SANE).

The role of this highly-trained forensic nurse is to provide patient support in the event of sexual assault. The SANE nurse is responsible for ensuring the dignity of the victim and for collecting evidence and maintaining the chain of custody of that evidence until delivery to law enforcement personnel. The SANE nurse will work closely with the YWCA Enid staff and volunteers, law enforcement, and the local hospitals. The role as a SANE nurse is a volunteer “on call” position that requires a signed commitment with the YWCA Enid. Compensation is provided by the Victim’s Compensation fund through the state department for each exam performed. In order to ensure multiple nurses are available to allow the YWCA Enid SANE Program to function 24 hours a day and seven days a week the cost of training is incurred by the YWCA Enid.

To become a SANE nurse you must have first been a full time practicing RN for one year. You must have and maintain you BLS certification, have an active RN license and maintain your state required continuing education. You must also keep personal liability insurance active.

To learn more about training and the SANE Program, please contact Debbie Wilczek, YWCA Executive Director at 580.234.7581 or email