Sexual Assault Services

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YWCA Sexual Assault Services

24-Hour Crisis Line


Toll Free: 800-966-7644

This hotline offers crisis intervention, information, referrals, and safety planning for callers. All calls are confidential and callers can remain anonymous.

Sexual Assault Nurse Examiner

Victims of rape and sexual assault should get medical attention as soon as possible for several reasons including to check for injuries, test for venereal disease, discuss the possibility of pregnancy, and to provide physical evidence for the police if the crime is reported.

What is a SANE program?

YWCA Enid provides an on-site room for a specially trained SANE (Sexual Assault Nurse Examiner) nurse to complete exams on survivors of rape and sexual assault. This room and specially trained nurse may provide a more comfortable experience than an exam in a hospital setting, while also completing the proper collection of forensic evidence for medical and legal documentation.

What is different about a SANE nurse?

SANE nurses are required to complete a 40-hour course and are trained in the proper collection, preservation and documentation of evidence. They must have clinical experience as well. They offer a unique contribution to forensic investigators by providing comprehensive, objective physical examination for victims of sexual assault. SANE Nurses are on call for YWCA Enid 24-hours a day, and are considered a volunteer of YWCA Enid. They receive a stipend per exam from the Oklahoma Victims Compensation Fund.

What is provided to a victim during a SANE exam?

When a victim comes to YWCA Enid for a SANE exam, they are also provided a clean change of new clothes, first aid items and necessary medication if needed. YWCA Enid also serves as a resource center. The victim receives information about the on-site services that are offered free of charge. Victims have the option of counseling, shelter and victim advocacy.

Sexual Assault Response Advocates

Support and information is provided to a victim and family members during the sexual assault examination along with referrals for future services and assistance on or off site.

What is a SARA (Sexual Assault Response Advocate)?

When a victim comes to the YWCA SANE Room, a SARA is provided for the victim. The volunteer has completed a SARA training as well as shadowed other experienced SARAs in order to be a reliable resource or any victim who seeks help. The SARA is there to provide several services to the victim including sharing information about options so they can make informed choices. They can be there to listen and for emotional support. They can also help to explain the paperwork process and the exam process in order to help comfort the victim. The SARA’s advocacy is trauma specific and they are trained to listen to and believe the victim. They are not there to judge or investigate. SARAs are volunteers of the YWCA Enid and are on call 24-hours a day.

Counseling Services

YWCA Enid offers group and individual counseling for victims of traumatic events with certified counselors onsite. Child trauma counseling is available as well.

Emergency Shelter

YWCA Enid Crisis Center Shelter is a facility that is a safe haven for victims of domestic violence, sexual assault, stalking, and their dependent children. The Crisis Center provides a safe, clean room with access to food, clothing, and personal care items.

Learn more about the Enid YWCA Emergency Shelter

Court Advocates

YWCA Advocates assist with obtaining court orders, protective orders, and other legal issues. They are available to accompany victims to court hearings for advocacy and emotional support.